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AGM Documentation 2020

Posted date: 11/05/2020


I. All shareholders, attending the Meeting in person at the Company’s Office or via online, shall participate the voting via the Website. Please refer to the Conditions of Shareholders registration, attending meeting and voting below.

II. Each shareholder received an OTP to carry out the identity verification procedure. Process of identity verification and account registration for the Shareholders shall start from 08:00 on May 16th, 2020 and end at 16:00 on June 3rd, 2020 (the “Registration Time”). After the Registration Time, the shareholder verification and account registration will be closed, shareholders shall be requested to attend the Meeting in person. Please come to the Company’s Office 30 mins before the meeting starts to be instructed for registering account and receiving Username/password to cast the votes at the meeting venue. Please bring the requested documents as mentioned in the Invitation Letter to register accounts successfully. The unidentified shareholders or illegal authorized representatives without having requested documents above will be refused to attend the meeting.

III. To prevent the risk of disease spread, the meeting area will be organized to ensure the safe distance among shareholders. So, when shareholders come after the number of the attending shareholders in person reaching the limitation quantity, they will be invited (i) to move to other areas where have audio-visual facilities to serve the Meeting or (ii) to participate via online means.