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Mobile World Investment Corporation (MWG) is the No.1multi-category retail platform in Vietnam by revenue and net profit after tax.MWG is also the leading internet retailer in Vietnam.

Topursue Omni-channel strategy, the Company operates a few thousands of storesnationwide along with leverage the deep understanding of customer insightsthanks to massive data, in-house developed supporting capabilities and continuouslyinnovate to create outstanding and unified customer experience across allchannels, as well as enhance brand attachment.

In MWG's ecosystem, beside the subsidiaries running the retail chains(, Dien May Xanh, Bach Hoa Xanh, An Khang pharmacies...),there are other subsidiaries providing related services such as: after sales -installation services, last mile delivery, logistics and warehousing services,distribution of safely-grown agricultural products 4KFarm....In addition, MWG has expanded to regionalmarkets with the consumer electronics retail chain in Cambodia and a JV inIndonesia.

Established in 2004 to become the leading mobile phone retail chain in Vietnam by market share with more than 2,960 points-of-sales (including nearly 1,000 Thegioididong stores and more than 1,900 Dienmayxanh stores) nationwide. It sells mobile phones, tablets, laptops, accessories, wearables devices and value-added services.

  • 2.962


  • 520.000


  • 08:00 - 22:00


Điện Máy Xanh

Launched in 2010 with the initial name “” and then renamed to Dien May Xanh in 2015, has become the leading consumer electronics retail chain in Vietnam by market share with more than 1,900 stores nationwide. It sells phones, electronics (brown goods), white goods and small appliances.

  • 1.992


  • 08:00 - 22:00


Bách Hóa Xanh

MWG started piloting the “modern wet market” Bach Hoa Xanh concept in late 2015. Bach Hoa Xanh is a minimart/food-store chain specializing on fresh foods and daily basic needs. This chain of more than 2,100 stores in Southern and South-Central provinces offers wide range of fresh, high-quality and traceable-origin products, at very competitive price compared to the traditional wet market and mom-and-pop grocery stores. All Bach Hoa Xanh stores with hygiene space are located in accessible locations for homemakers.

  • 2.106


  • 06:30 - 21:30



, formerly known as Bigphone was born in 2017, is the first consumer electronics retail chain of MWG in overseas markets. Bluetronics is operating 50 stores, specializing in selling authentic mobile devices and consumer electronics in Cambodia, offering high quality after-sales services and cooperating with consumer finance institutions for installment sales, which customers in this market have not experienced in mom & pop shops.

  • 50



– The high-tech agricultural branch of Bach Hoa Xanh – a new member of MWG.

4KFarm’s agricultural experts transfer technology and support farmers to grow vegetables of “4 No” policies of zero pesticide, non-GMO seeds, zero preservatives and zero growth substances, which are important promises deliver safe products to end consumers.

4KFarm commits to purchasing 100% of these safely-grown vegetables from farmers and provides them exclusively for the Bach Hoa Xanh retail chain. 4KFarm’s mission is to provide safely-grown fresh produce for customers’ health and bring prosperity for Vietnamese farmers.

4K Farm’s vegetables are fully traceable with information about the farmer’s name, seed type, sowing date and harvest date.

Nhà thuốc An Khang

An Khang Pharmacy is a chain of pharmacies specializing in selling pharmaceuticals, functional foods, medical equipment ...part of the Mobile World Group.

Tận Tâm

Conscientious Installation - Repair - Maintenance Service Joint Stock Company (Tan Tam) was formerly The Conscientious Installation - Repair - Maintenance Service Company Limited, mainly provided services in delivery, installation, warranty, repair, and construction to subsidiaries of MWG. Since 2021, a small revenue of Tan Tam has come from external customers. From 2022, Tan Tam will continue to offer external customers warranty services for consumer electronics and repair services for electricity and water. Tan Tam’s long-term vision is to become THE NUMBER 1 COMPANY IN INSTALLATION – WARRANTY & REPAIR SERVICES FOR CONSUMER ELECTRONICS – REPAIR SERVICES FOR ELECTRICITY & WATER in Vietnam.


  • We commit to create jobs for the community and fully comply with the tax responsibilities.

  • We commit to provide our managers equitable opportunities so that they can fully devote their talents to the company and realize prosperous personal life with respectful social status.

  • We commit to put our customers at the center of all thoughts and actions.

  • We commit to honor our business partners.

  • We commit to offer all employees the working environment based on respect and fairness

  • We commit to increase the return on investment for long-term shareholders.

MWG Vision

“We are MWG
The pride of Vietnam!”