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AVAKids accompanies VNPR & Operation Smiles VN Fund in the Color Run For Smiles 2022 charity fundraising run

Submission date: 21/11/2022 Views: 374

 TheColor Run For Smiles 2022 was successfully held on November 20 with nearly3,000 attendees. The results from this program are expected to help 100 morechildren have the opportunity to have facial deformity surgery in 2023.

 OnNovember 20, the Vietnam Public Relations Network (VNPR) cooperated withOperation Smile Vietnam to successfully organize the Color Run For Smiles 2022in Ho Chi Minh City. This is the second time in 2022 that VNPR has organized acommunity run for charity.


Theprogram has attracted nearly 3,000 participants from businesses, youngfamilies, and organizations to respond to the festival in Sala Urban Area, ThuDuc City.

Besidesthe participating members, sponsors, benefactors, businesses, and organizationsfrom all over the country have joined hands to respond to the spirit ofhumanity and mutual love of VNPR and Operation Smile Vietnam.

Thediverse range of contributions is expected to enable another 100 children tohave surgery for facial deformities in 2023. A healthy smile will give thosechildren more confidence in life and a stronger physical foundation.