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Bach Hoa Xanh climbed fast and reached the TOP 50 most powerful brands in Vietnam.

Submission date: 21/09/2022 Views: 339

Recently,Brand Finance, the world's leading brand valuation company, in corporate with abrand consulting unit, Mibrand Vietnam Joint Stock Company, officiallyannounced the list of the TOP 50 most valuable brands in Vietnam in 2022. Ofthe list, Bach Hoa Xanh has had the fastest growth rate in brand value in thepast year.

 The BrandFinance Vietnam Forum event is being organized in Vietnam for the seventh timeto reveal the national brand value and recognize the Top 50 most valuablebrands in Vietnam in 2022.

At thisforum, Brand Finance presented official certificates to the TOP 50 mostvaluable brands in Vietnam based on market ranking, national brand value, andbrand health index. This confirms the growth and brand strength of Vietnamesebusinesses in 2022.

According to the report, the brand value of BachHoa Xanh has increased by 177% to 279 million USD (approximately 6.6 trillionVND), making it the fastest growing brand in the ranking, followed by Novaland(brand value up 132% to 255 million USD, approximately 6 trillion VND) andKokomi (brand value up 121% to 121 million USD, approximately 2.8 trillionVND).

Besides calculating brand value, Brand Finance alsodetermines brand strength by assessing marketing investment, stakeholder equity,and business performance. According to these criteria, Bach Hoa Xanh ranked9th.

Bach Hoa Xanh has grown extraordinarily in brand strength, by 24.05% since 2021(+15.29 points) and 78.87 out of 100. Recently, the company is also planning toraise capital to finance its expansion plans.