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MWG and SAMSUNG' s partnership in processing used batteries continues to expand the Sustainable Development journey

Submission date: 11/08/2023 Views: 226

With Mobile World Group, Samsung is calling on users to participate in a journey of sustainable development through simple and practical actions. Samsung Vina Electronics Co., Ltd collaborated with Mobile World Group to implement the "Joining hands to process used batteries" campaign nationwide. This program is aligned with both parties' sustainable development commitment and vision, aiming to provide eco-friendly solutions that protect the environment and enhance the quality of life. Mr. Nguyen Minh Tam, Director of the Audio-Visual Electronics Department at Samsung Vina, stated: "As the world's leading TV brand, Samsung not only leads in technological innovation but also aims to share responsibilities for the environment, community, and society. Sustainability is always a top priority at Samsung, achieved through various technological initiatives during each product lifecycle phase to create sustainable and environmentally friendly products and solutions, contributing to positive changes." Mr. Dang Minh Luom, a member of the Board of Directors in charge of Sustainable Development at Mobile World Group, shared: " Mobile World is delighted to implement this program, which is one of the actions to realize the sustainable development vision of the entire group. With our extensive network of stores across all three chains: The Gioi Di Dong, Dien May Xanh, and Bach Hoa Xanh nationwide, we hope the meaningful message of the program will strongly resonate with customers." Accordingly, Samsung and Mobile World Group will place collection bins for used batteries in stores within the retail system, including Bach Hoa Xanh (all locations in Ho Chi Minh City), The Gioi Di Dong, Dien May Xanh (100 locations in three major cities: Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang), as well as Samsung service centers. Users can store their used batteries in boxes or sealed containers and then drop them off at designated collection points (made entirely from Samsung TV's eco-friendly packaging). The batteries will be transported to Samsung factories and safely processed according to regulations at specialized hazardous waste points. Additionally, users are encouraged to choose environmentally friendly products such as Samsung's solar-powered TV remote control. This third-generation SolarCell remote control is designed to be more compact, using less material (24% recycled plastic), and powered by solar energy or indoor radio frequencies. After use, batteries must be properly disposed of, as they are classified as hazardous waste. Improperly processed batteries can pollute 500 liters of water or 1 cubic meter of soil over 50 years. Burning used batteries releases harmful components into the air, causing air pollution. Ingesting or inhaling toxins released from batteries can seriously harm the body. Proper battery disposal holds significant importance in environmental preservation and user awareness. Previously, Samsung pioneered innovative and sustainable approaches in production, distribution, use, and recycling, offering products that contribute to a sustainable ecosystem. Carbon Trust has certified six Neo QLED 2023 TV models for CO2 emissions reduction; CO2 is transformed into recyclable material, eco-friendly packaging is provided, ink on hardcovers is minimized, staplers is eliminated, and packaging sizes are reduced. Energy management is improved through AI via SmartThings. Catalogs and flyers are replaced with QR technology to access e-catalogs, minimizing printing, paper, and ink consumption. The "Creative Green World" eco-friendly packaging competition garnered unique entries from TV packaging materials, serving as a meaningful platform for several years. As the global TV market leader for 17 consecutive years, Samsung will continue to promote environmentally friendly products and solutions, reaffirming its commitment to community and sustainable development. Mobile World Group is also a pioneering retail company in sustainable development initiatives, from minimizing single-use plastic bags in stores and encouraging reusable bags to charitable activities such as surgeries for children with cleft lips, donating rice, and providing medical care for the impoverished. Mobile World Group also leverages advanced technology to save energy and optimize lighting and cooling systems across its thousands of stores nationwide. The company has repeatedly been listed among the top sustainable development enterprises and those with the best sustainable development index in the stock market.