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MWGMWG| Official response relating to the media articles about some non-compliant issues at Bach Hoa Xanh - Dinh Quan - Dong Nai province (posted on 11 September 2019)

Posted date: 11/09/2019


Mobile World Investment Corporation

 Ho Chi Minh City, 11th  September, 2019

  Dear valued Shareholders and Customers, On 10th September, 2019 some public media & news reported several non-compliant issues at a Bach Hoa Xanh store in Dong Nai province regarding food hygiene and safety. Understanding the concerns of investors, by this announcement, we would like to clarify as follows: On 10th September, 2019, the inspection team led by Mr. Le Minh Han, Deputy Director of Sub-Department of Rural Development and Quality Management of Agro-Forestry-Fisheries came to inspect at a BHX store, located at hamlet. 3, Phu Vinh commune, Dinh Quan district, Dong Nai province. This was a regular business inspection and we are in the process of clarification and document submission to the relevant authorities. The delegation has not made any official conclusions about the business compliance at Bach Hoa Xanh store:
  1. At the time of checking, most of the required documents mentioned in the articles were stored at the specialized departments of the Company. For example: quality management records, food safety compliance/public declaration of conformity of foodstuff are kept at the Quality Control Department, the purchasing contracts being monitored at the Accounting Department .... Due to busy store opening days, we have not been able to timely gather and submit to the inspection team all the required documents on site. Regarding the Certification of food safety knowledge for the owner and the direct staffs at the store: we have the certificates for the owner and 8/18 employees, the remaining 10 employees  were scheduled to take the test on Thursday, September 12, 2019. The test schedule is dependent on the Province authorities. Nonetheless, pursuant to Decree 115/2018 / ND-CP, employees are actually not required to have the certificate, but to have knowledge on food safety only.
  2. Other than that, there were minor findings related to the daily operation such as: goods being placed directly on the floor, goods being close to the wall, boxes of different items not being separated from each other ...In fact, MWG has already set up a process to properly implement food safety, however, as the store has just been opened and  inventories were arriving continuously from the warehouse, the staff could not organize all the goods properly during the peak hours. We have seriously reminded our staff to comply with the proper process and at the same time install additional specialized equipment to preserve the goods in the best conditions.
  3. After working at the store with the inspection team, we are gathering the necessary documents to submit for the Department of Rural Development and Agro-Forestry-Fisheries Quality Management. We have also informed the related media/newspapers the above clarification.
MWG always strives our best to comply with the regulations of the relevant authorities, and provides the consumers with quality products. Regards, IR Team  

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