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This newsroom collects and presents the latest news and articles about MWG from media channels; main investors’ queries and official releases from MWG. We hope this newsroom would provide timely information from various sources with different point of views to all of MWG’s current and potential investors so that you will have comprehensive information for your assessments. All the official releases from MWG will start with “MWG” in the headline. Please note that we may not present some inquires that are too detailed relating to our business secrets or irrelevant in this tab.

Disclaimer: MWG is not responsible for the absolute accuracy and completeness of the data presented in our official releases since they are collected from different sources and some data may be unaudited or may involve incompletion. Also please note that all the analysis or official releases from MWG is not for the purpose of selling or buying any stocks, options, future and derivatives. The investors should be entirely responsible for their own investment decisions.

MWGMWG | AM documentation - Review Q3 and update on performance of October 2021

MWGMWG | AM documentation - Review Q2 and update on performance of July 2021

MWGClip - Development of Bach Hoa Xanh in 2020

MWGMWG | AM documentation - Review Q1 and update on performance of April 2021

MWGMWG | AM documentation - Review 2020 and update on performance of Tet 2021

MWG | AM documentation - Review 2020 and update on performance of Tet 2021

MWGMWG | Investors meeting documentation - Update business results 9M2020

MWGMWG| Milestone of 20 Bluetronics stores in Cambodia

On September 25th, 2020, Mobile World Investment Corporation announced the milestone of 20 Bluetronics stores in Phnom Penh within the framework of the project to expand the store network nationwide in Cambodia. Along with the extension of the store’s size, all Bluetronics stores display a full range of phones, electronics, white goods, small appliances,… The Company also provides customers with after-sales services such as free delivery and installation which present in Cambodia for the first time.

MWGMWG | Investors meeting documentation - Update business results 1H2020

MWGMWG| Official response relating to the media articles about some non-compliant issues at Bach Hoa Xanh - Dinh Quan - Dong Nai province (posted on 11 September 2019)

On 10th September, 2019 some public media & news reported several non-compliant issues at a Bach Hoa Xanh store in Dong Nai province regarding food hygiene and safety. Understanding the concerns of investors, by this announcement, we would like to clarify as follows: On 10th September, 2019, the inspection team led by Mr. Le Minh Han, Deputy Director of Sub-Department of Rural Development and Quality Management of Agro-Forestry-Fisheries came to inspect at a BHX store, located at hamlet. 3, Phu Vinh commune, Dinh Quan district, Dong Nai province. This was a regular business inspection and we are in the process of clarification and document submission to the relevant authorities. The delegation has not made any official conclusions about the business compliance at Bach Hoa Xanh store:

MWGMWG | Investor Meeting Notes: 2019 Business Guidance (posted on 16 Feb 2019)

In 2019, consumer electronics retailing is still the main pillar for MWG’s revenue growth, targeting to reach 40% market shares in Vietnam. Phones retailing business continues to maintain the leading position and positive growth rate compared to the overall market.


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