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Annual General Meeting of Shareholders 2023

Submission date: 08/03/2023 Views: 136

Shareholders shall attend the 2023 Annual General Meeting (“AGM 2023”) on April 07th and 08th, 2023. The AGM 2023 shall start at 13:00 and end at 17:00 on April 08th, 2023, in the form of an online meeting. Shareholder participation in person at the meeting venue is not required. Electronic voting shall apply to all shareholders.

 AGM 2023 timeline:

Shareholders who have enquiries on invitation letter, please contact the Investor Relations Department via for further support (Kindly provide your phone number and specific request for us to support you properly).

Shareholders, kindly refer to the AGM 2023 documentation HERE.

Shareholders kindly read the instructions to register an account, attend AGM 2023 and vote online via the Website in attached file No.1 below.