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Inaccurate information in social media about MWG’s short-term investments

Submission date: 02/11/2022 Views: 857

Dear valued Shareholders, 

Recently, the Company received several inquiries from Shareholders regarding rumors and inaccurate information on social media about MWG's short-term investments. 

First of all, MWG always insists on transparency and safety for the assets of the Company and Shareholders. By this notice, we officially respond to Shareholders as follows: 

In the consolidated financial statements for Q3-2022 published on October 28th, 2022, the Company has an item "Short-term financial investment" with a value of VND 8,846 billion, including VND7,235 billion as deposits at reputable banks with no liquidity problems, with remaining terms from 1 to 6 months and VND1,611 billion as investments in short-term bonds. 

In VND1.611 billion of short-term bonds: 

- 100% of bonds invested by the Company are due in the next 1-3 months; these are bonds with collaterals and commitments to buy back from their guarantors under binding contracts. 

- Diversified investment portfolio from more than 10 bond issuers. Of which, 80% are not related to the real estate industry. These are bonds of state-owned banks as well as reputable enterprises in the finance, manufacturing, and services sectors. 

- 100% of the bonds have NO relationship to any groups/corporations or banks/securities firms that are being investigated or published recently in the mass media about bond scandals.

The Company will take action against whom post and share misinformation or distort and fabricate information causing damage to MWG in accordance with the laws.