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Mobile World ( was ranked as a Top Favorite Employer in the Retail-Wholesale industry for 2021.

Submission date: 11/07/2022 Views: 39

CareerBuilderrecently conducted a survey in Vietnam on "Favorite Employers 2021." Accordingto the survey results, Mobile World is proud to be ranked Top 1 among employersin the retail - wholesale industry. Furthermore, Mobile World is in the top 8of the 100 most popular businesses across all industries and fields.

In the past year, the technology retail industry has been severelyaffected by the COVID-19 pandemic. However, Mobile World still maintained itsposition with a revenue of 122,958 billion VND (up 13% compared to the previousyear). It is a remarkable achievement that demonstrates employees' faith in thecompany.

Mobile World, established in 2004, is a retail chain of mobile devicessuch as mobile phones, tablets, laptops, watches, and accessories with the No.1market share in Vietnam with 2620 supermarkets spread across 63 provinces andcities nationwide. Therefore, Mobile World's demand for personnel is expandingand spreading across the country. It has opened employment chances for numerousemployees of various ages in urban and rural areas.

MWG has received trust, love, andrespect from employees even further after being honored in the TOP 50 BestWorkplaces in Vietnam and at the same time is also recognized as the bestenterprise at the Vietnam HR Awards – “Effective Human Resources Strategy” forthe 4th time in a row. Moreover, the company pays great attention to the processof creating a friendly working atmosphere for employees, providing them with arespectful and fair working environment.

In addition, TGDD always attempts todevelop an enthusiastic working environment by providing clear incentives andbenefits so that the employees can be fully dedicated and responsible forassigned tasks. As a result, the company currently has a strong workforce withmore than 65,000 employees, over 7,000 of whom have been devoted to the company formore than 5 years.