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Erablue: The transformation of The Gioi Di Dong in the most populous country in ASEAN

Submission date: 19/04/2023 Views: 185
Erablue is a joint venture electronics store between two big retailers: Mobile World Investment Corporation (MWG) of Vietnam and PT Erajaya Swasembada Tbk of Indonesia.

About Erablue
After a full quarter of operations, Erablue - a joint venture between The Gioi Di Dong and Erafone under the Erajaya Group, Indonesia, became a bright spot in the operation picture of The Gioi Di Dong in 2022.
Erablue Electronics (“Erablue”) is a joint venture between the two largest retailers in Southeast Asia: PT Erajaya Swasembada Tbk of Indonesia and Mobile World Investment Corporation (MWG) of Vietnam.
This joint venture was established in March 2022 to become Indonesia's largest consumer electronics retailer within 5 years. The first EraBlue store opened in Jakarta in H1 of 2022.
In AGM 2023, CEO Doan Van Hieu Em shared that each Erablue store generates an average monthly revenue of VND 4.5 - 5 billion, equivalent to a well-established Dien May Xanh store in Vietnam. This shows a very positive result and encourages the company to advance to the next steps.

Potential development of Erablue
According to The Gioi Di Dong management team,  the potential for Erablue in Indonesia is significant, with a market size of 2-3 times bigger than Vietnam.  The Indonesian consumer electronics retail market is still in its early stages and is dominated by traditional small stores, with the two largest systems owning less than 200 stores.
Delivery and installation of equipment currently depend on manufacturers and can take 5-7 days. Meanwhile, The Gioi Di Dong offers competitive prices and differentiated services: customers will receive full service, from selecting goods in rich display spaces and dedicated consulting staff, to same-day delivery and installation.
Quick warranty service and a 30-day return policy are the points that make the MWG management team confident in their ability to win this market.
With the encouraging results,  MWG’s management team had an on-site visit in April-2023. Together with the JV partner, we met 62 leading ICT and consumer electronics suppliers in the local market.
The entire MWG leadership team, including Mr. Nguyen Duc Tai (Chairman of Mobile World Investment Corporation), Mr. Tran Huy Thanh Tung (CEO and founder of  Mobile World Investment Corporation), Mr. Doan Van Hieu Em (CEO of The Gioi Di Dong Joint Stock Company) together with Mr. Charlie Bae (CEO - PT Era Blu Elektronik), Mr. Joy Wahjudi (CEO of Erajaya Digital) and the high-level leadership of Erajaya Group.

Currently, Erablue has 5 stores in the Tangerang area of Jakarta: Ciledug, Ciputat, BSD & Pamulang. The Gioi Di Dong is ready to build and expand its business model with its business partners in 2023.