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The Gioi Di Dong is the E-commerce website with the highest number of visits in Vietnam.

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Based on information from "The e-Commerce Pivotin Vietnam 2022", 3 websites of Mobile World Investment Joint StockCompany (MWG), including,,, were honored to be in the Top 10 e-commerce sites with thehighest number of visits in Vietnam in the fourth quarter of 2021.

Therefore, is the B2C e-Commercewebsite with the highest number of visits in Vietnam.

As of 2021, in Vietnam, 73.2% of the population usesthe Internet, ranking 6th in terms of Internet users. It is similar to countriessuch as the Philippines, Malaysia, and Thailand; however, Vietnam has thehighest percentage of population shopping on e-commerce platforms in SoutheastAsia, with 49.3 million people.

Besides, the total value of goods in Vietnam'se-commerce market is estimated at 13 billion USD in 2021, an increase up to 5billion USD compared to 2020. Therefore, it is unsurprising that Vietnam ispredicted to grow to $39 billion by 2025.

In the statistics of the top 10 e-commerce platformswith the average monthly traffic in Southeast Asia in 2020, The Gioi Di Dongand Bach Hoa Xanh are Vietnamese players that recorded the average dailytraffic volume per month relatively high with about 81.6 million. Thanks tothis, Vietnam is in the top 2 countries with the most increase in monthly e-commercetraffic in the region.

According to the number of monthly visits, as of thefourth quarter of 2021, ( is the B2Ce-Commerce website with the highest number of visits in Vietnam (approx. 60million visits/month). Next is Dien May XANH, Bach Hoa Xanh.

In addition, the top 5 most chosen platforms to buyconsumer goods in 2021 in urban areas are Shopee, Facebook, Lazada, Bach HoaXanh, and Tiki (based on the total number of transactions).