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Mobile World experiments with a new business model: the “Collaborator Model.”

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Mobile World has just launched a new business model called the"Contributor Model." This model brings several benefits to smallretail stores that are trading in electronics across the country. They willhave the opportunity to cooperate with TGDD and Dien May XANH as"consultants" and obtain suitable discounts.

Currently, Vietnam has about 20,000-30,000 small retail storesdealing in phones and electronics. Stores that have premises and signs can seekto become collaborators with Mobile World.

MobileWorld will verify agent information and offer a discount for retail agents from5 - 20%. For example, a phone now priced at 9.52 million Vietnamese Dong couldbe discounted by 952,000 Vietnamese Dong, approximately 10%.

In this concept, agents will serve as an information desk for MobileWorld's products, assisting consumers in selecting the product that best meetstheir needs. The company will manage all remaining processes when the customeragrees to buy.

Small firms can benefit from this model as they do not need tospend cash and manage inventory. On Mobile World's website, customers mayacquire authentic, high-quality items at the indicated price. Furthermore,students are eligible for warranty policies and instalment payments throughagents.

"With this model, our view is that we can make less profit,share it with collaborators and customers, but we can capture 20% of thatmarket share," explained Doan Van Hieu Em.

This model has been deployed in Ba Ria-Vung Tau, attracted morethan ten small retail stores, and showed favorable results. This will providethe momentum for the company to deploy this new business model on a large scalein the future. As the new model is considered an experiment, Mobile World doesnot set revenue or profit targets, but only focuses on how to attract thenumber of collaborators for its offline stores.

What do you think about the plan of Mobile World and the CEO ofMWG?