MWG was recognized among the "Top 10 Large-Cap Best Corporate Governance Companies 2023" and "Best Annual General Meeting (AGM) Organizing Enterprise."

Ngày đăng: 21/12/2023 Lượt xem: 179

Mobile World Investment Corporation (HOSE: MWG) proudly secured a place in the "Top 10 Best Corporate Governance Companies" (large capitalization group) and "Best Annual General Meeting (AGM) Organizing Enterprise" categories at the 2023 Listed Company Voting organized by HoSE.

On December 15, 2023, the event was integrated with the Annual Listed Company Conference 2023, featuring the participation of key figures from the State Securities Commission, Stock Exchanges, the Vietnam Securities Depository and Clearing Corporation, as well as representatives from nearly 300 listed enterprises, securities firms, fund management companies, and other financial institutions in the market.

The judging panel emphasized that the corporate governance scores reflected progress and an increasing focus on practical governance activities. Currently, companies show differences in the level of compliance with standard criteria. Specifically, 66% of companies meet compliance criteria, while nearly 26% meet standard criteria.

Additionally, the evaluation results show that the compliance rate with governance criteria ranges from 62.9% to 72.3%, depending on the capitalization group (larger capitalized companies tend to comply better with legal standards), and the compliance with standard criteria ranges from 21.1% to 42.1% (smaller capitalized companies tend to comply less with standard criteria).

In 2023, MWG was honored in the "Top 100 Most Valuable Brands in Vietnam 2023," "Top 10 Strongest Brands in Vietnam 2023," "Top 10 Largest Private Enterprises in Vietnam," "Top 10 Reputable Retail Companies in 2023," "Top 100 Best Places to Work in Vietnam 2023," and for the second consecutive year in the Top 50 Most Sustainable Development Companies in Vietnam and Top 20 Companies with the Highest VNSI Sustainable Development Index in Vietnam. This recognition affirms and acknowledges the state and market's recognition of MWG's business management model as it increasingly aligns with the highest standards, becomes more transparent, modern, and aims for sustainable development, balancing economic interests with social and environmental responsibilities, and committing to a sustainable future.

The criteria for evaluating corporate governance were developed based on Vietnamese legal regulations on corporate governance and good governance practices based on G20/OECD corporate governance principles, the Vietnam Corporate Governance Code (VCGS), and the ASEAN Corporate Governance Scorecard.

The evaluation criteria for corporate governance items were developed separately based on the OECD corporate governance principles, focusing on five principles: shareholder rights, fair treatment of shareholders, disclosure of information and transparency, the responsibility of the board of directors, and sustainable development and resilience.

This year, the OECD has added new rules on corporate governance, emphasizing the integration of the 3 ESG aspects (environment, social, and governance). This is seen as the first step for new requirements on corporate governance in the context of the government's strong commitments to reducing emissions, dealing with climate change, and sustainable development over the past two years following the COP26 conference. The aspect of sustainability and resilience is an essential content in the G20/OECD Corporate Governance Principles issued in 2023.