Response to the information published in Tuoi Tre newspaper on September 21st, 2022

Ngày đăng: 21/09/2022 Lượt xem: 134

Dearcustomers, partners, and news agencies,

Regardingthe article in Tuoi Tre newspaper published on September 21st, 2022,we would like to inform the following information:

First ofall, we apologize to the customers of Bach Hoa Xanh. Our principle is to fullycomply with regulations on the origin of goods and ensure supply chain transparencywith customers. Through this incident, we acknowledge the responsibility andthe necessity to control the source and quality of goods more strictly.

Bach HoaXanh immediately recalled and stopped selling all products from Dong Asupplier. At the same time, we have requested Dong A to provide information andclarify the quality, origin of products, and supply process. Dong A onlyprovides mushrooms to BHX, not other goods. We signed a supply contract withDong A on June 8th, 2022. Dong A supplies 3% of the total mushroom volume ofthe chain.

Bach HoaXanh will strictly review all other suppliers to control the supplied goods.

For anysupplier, the most critical standards that Bach Hoa Xanh requires are quality,hygiene, and safety of goods. In addition, imported goods must comply with theregulations of the State of Vietnam, ensure the correct origin of goods andquality standards registered with the inspection agency, and no delivery ofcounterfeit goods smuggled goods, or change in the source of products. Bach HoaXanh maintains a zero-tolerance policy for supplier violations.