Bach Hoa Xanh collaborates with Colgate VN on a collection and recycling project for used toothbrushes to protect the environment and promote a circular economy.

Ngày đăng: 05/01/2024 Lượt xem: 196

Toothbrushes are daily used items. Several statistics reveal that millions of used toothbrushes are thrown into the environment without being processed each year, and it takes over 500 years for these kinds of plastic to decompose completely. Improper toothbrush disposal exerts pressure on the environment and the planet's ecosystems. With a shared commitment to environmental protection, Colgate Vietnam and Bach Hoa Xanh, a member of Mobile World Corporation(MWG) Corporation, signed a cooperation agreement on January 5, 2024, to launch the campaign "Recycle Old Toothbrushes - Build a Green Future." The program encourages consumers to bring old toothbrushes to Bach Hoa Xanh stores across the entire system for collection, minimizing plastic waste in the environment. These toothbrushes will be sent to recycling partners for processing, following regulations to mitigate adverse environmental impacts. Customers who bring in old toothbrushes and wish to purchase new Colgate brushes will receive discounts of up to 40% at Bach Hoa Xanh stores.

In recent years, MWG has proactively collaborated with numerous multinational companies to implement the ESG Sustainable Development journey, aiming to positively impact the environment and society. Initiatives include:

  • Nationwide used battery collection.
  • Solar energy system installation.
  • Recycling waste into organic fertilizer.
  • Recycling of banners.
  • Reusing discarded plastic clips.

MWG is consistently committed to contributing to the collective efforts of the community and businesses to reduce plastic waste and promote recycling, aligning with Vietnam's national Circular Economy strategy.

At the signing ceremony, Mr. Pham Van Trong, General Director of Bach Hoa Xanh Joint Stock Company, stated:

"The message of protecting our green planet may sound like a grand slogan to many, but it can begin with something as small as an old toothbrush. With this project, Bach Hoa Xanh encourages the community to develop recycling habits and use recycled products. With a system of over 1700 stores, we can convey this message widely to customers, spreading the message of sustainable living throughout the community.

As a leading consumer goods manufacturer, Colgate strongly emphasizes promoting Sustainable Development. Mr. Hari Nandhan Devasenapathy, General Director of Colgate Vietnam, welcomes the Sustainable Development ESG programs and actions of Bach Hoa Xanh in particular and MWG in general in recent years. He is ready to collaborate with Bach Hoa Xanh in upcoming programs to contribute positively to the community and the environment jointly.

Bach Hoa Xanh and Colgate believe that this collaboration provides tangible benefits to customers and adds value to the environment, aiming to build sustainable consumer habits, promote a circular economy, and reduce plastic waste in the environment. Together, they strive to make positive changes, step by step, for a clean and sustainable environment for future generations.